Kiaro staff sound off on the evolution of 420

Kiaro staff sound off on the evolution of 420

Admin KiaroApr 20, '21

For decades, April 20 has been a day for cannabis enthusiasts across the world to come together. The term itself originated in the early 1970s, thanks to a group of high school athletes who used to meet at 4:20 to smoke cannabis and hang out. You can read more about that here

Over the years, the term has morphed to become a moment in time—on April 20, at 4:20, cannabis was (and still is) king. Prior to legalization, 420 was a day to gather with your friends, and/or with other cannabis activists, to protest the oppression of the plant and show your support for decriminalization and legalization. And, let’s be honest, it was also a great day to have fun and get a little high with your buds. 

These days, in the post-prohibition era, 420 is evolving once again. But to what? Is it a celebration of a cultural moment in time? Is it an acknowledgement of the hard work of cannabis pioneers who risked their time and freedom in their fight for the plant?

We asked our staff members what 420 means to them. Here are their answers. 

“420 is a day to celebrate legalization of a plant that should never have been illegal."  E. Lynch

“Liberation.” M. Le

“To me, it is now a celebration of what positive people power can achieve by showing the positive effects cannabis can have on your life. It inspires me to always consider alternatives to the status quo.” H. Mellowship

“Before Canadian legalization, 420 was a day of protest and a day of fun. Usually, it’s one of the first nice days to spend outside with your friends, it was also an opportunity to share publicly your support of cannabis decriminalization and legalization. In Edmonton, where I grew up, the celebration wa held behind the provincial legislature in a beautiful park overlooking the river valley. It was also a day to experiment with new cannabis products with my friends. Today, 420 is a celebration of how far we’ve come, and an opportunity to recognize how much further there is to go to unwind the lasting impacts on Black, Indigneous and communities of colour from more than 80 years of cannabis prohibition in Canada and the US." K. Donahue

“420 means hanging out outside with friends, kicking back with a joint, talking about old times. It’s about connection with those who have the same interests as you.” C. Lang

“Magic mushroom chocolate and hanging at the beach!” R. Macnab

“An opportunity to celebrate cannabis and all of its positive attributes with great people and great friends.” J. Gordon

How do you celebrate April 20? 

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