Keep romance budding this Valentine’s Day

Keep romance budding this Valentine’s Day

Admin KiaroFeb 10, '21

The gift of chocolate. For me, the woman writing this post, there is no greater gift. Unless, of course, that chocolate is filled with some sort of cannabinoid. On that note, this Valentine’s Day, why not take a modern flourish on the traditional gift of chocolate and candy. We promise, your special Valentine will love it. 

Historically, chocolate is a symbol for love, passion, happiness and joy. Add a little cannabis, and viola! It’s the Valentine’s Day token that keeps on giving. 

At Kiaro, we recommend doubling down on the sweets for your sweet this love day. So, we’re running a special promotion: mix and match any chocolate and gummy from our Edibles collection and receive 15% off. Cue all the heart-eyes emojis!

But before you and your Valentine consume your V-Day treats, we remind you that dosage is key when it comes to edibles. Regardless of where you and your partner are on your cannabis journeys, err on the low-THC side of things. As the golden rule of edibles states: start low and go slow. 

(Which should be a rule for valentine’s day too, amirite?)

Unlike traditional sweets—and unlike cannabis flower—the experience of an edible has a relatively long duration. While it may take a bit for a canna-chocolate to kick in, typically sometime between 45 minutes and two hours, the experience will last anywhere from four to seven hours. In short, you and your date can keep the V-day love alive a little bit longer.

Edibles add a modern twist to your Valentine’s Day, as well as elevate your cannabis experience. And it’s a twist well worth trying! We recommend  the Ice Milk Chocolate from Bhang to get things started. And while you’re there, grab three more products and take advantage of our 15% Valentine’s Day sale. 

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!


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