IYKYK: Greybeard Cannabis

IYKYK: Greybeard Cannabis

Admin KiaroMar 3, '22

It’s written right there at the bottom of the Greybeard website: “If you know, you know.”

And the folks at Greybeard Cannabis? They REALLY know. Sure, the team has years of experience cultivating the plant, as well as studying genetics and growing techniques. But weed aside, what makes Greybeard remarkable? 

Easy. Their heart. 

“Our people and our heart are what really sets Greybeard apart,” said Bubba Nicholson, VP of Business Development and Ethos at Thrive Cannabis, home of the Greybeard brand. 

“We’re standing on the shoulders of giants, so we always need to pay homage to the past. But we need to set ourselves up to be the giants for the next generation. We need to lead by example.”

What kind of example, you ask? Nicholson said the Greybeard brand is about giving consumers the best quality cannabis for the lowest possible price. Their recipe for success is a talented team, a lot of heart and small grow rooms that ensure consistency. And the 750 genetics in their seedbank doesn’t hurt either. 

At their Jarvis, Ontario, facility, each room is less than 1,000 sq. ft. and is closely monitored to make sure each plant maintains its optimal microclimate. Outside, plants are cultivated in large pots. These efforts culminate in top-tier cannabis flower, pre-rolls and concentrates.

The Greybeard team is deep with legacy experts, each of who bring specific knowledge to the farm. But don’t let that fool you, the team is not stuck in their ways. In fact, their grower won’t even call himself a master grower because the world of cannabis is so vast and ever-changing, Nicholson explained. 

“We never say no to learning about new technology and innovation,” said Nicholson, naming game-changing technologies for hydrocarbon extracts as examples. “And we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg.”

And they seem well on their way. Not only have they produced diverse and award-winning cannabis, they built and opened Canada’s first farm-gate shop. But perhaps their biggest achievement is yet to come. 

“Weed’s not going anywhere,” said Nicholson. “We’re not in a rush, we’re here building slowly and sustainably.”

Doesn’t that make you want to try Greybeard Cannabis? What are you waiting for?