In MediPharm Labs we trust

In MediPharm Labs we trust

Admin KiaroDec 22, '21

When it comes to cannabis brands you can trust, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand who’s gone further to earn that confidence than MediPharm Labs

“We consider ourselves to be a consumer-centric brand—we listen to the needs and wants of experts in space, as well as consumers.” said Jessica Pearlman, MediPharm Labs’ senior brand manager. 

MediPharm Labs produces all their products at their Barrie, Ontario, based facility. Through their sustainable CO2 extraction process, they offer consumers a consistent experience that’s laser focused on purity and high potency cannabinoids. And let’s not forget the robust qualification process that each of the brand’s products undergo to ensure they meet GMP standards AND offer a killer consumer experience. (GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices—an important certification.) 

“Rooted in pharma, our products are designed to bring a true pharmaceutical experience to the Canadian cannabis market. (It’s) quality you can trust,” remarked Pearlman. 

“Our MediPharm Labs oils offer something for everyone and an every occasion approach,” she continued. “The cannabis experience is a subjective one, so we’ve designed products to meet the growing needs of each individual consumer.”

Sounds like a tall order, yes? MediPharm Labs accomplishes this by focusing on the educational aspect. They keep their customers informed on their favourite products—and all their other products as well. This keeps consumers feeling confident and safe in their cannabis consumption. 

“Our approach focuses on building a brand and products that consumers can trust,” said Pearlman. 

Speaking of building products, the MediPharm Labs team is always pushing the needle when it comes to innovation. And that means even better and more exciting products to offer all consumers, from the rookie to the seasoned enthusiast. With a team of experts and extraction specialists, the brand is excited to dive deeper into rare, minor cannabinoids. And their best practice approach is paying off; MediPharm Labs was recently named kind magazine’s 2021 CBD Brand of the Year.

Keep an eye on the MediPharm Labs roster—you just might find your new favourite addition to your cannabis routine. 

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