How to choose your new best bud

How to choose your new best bud

Admin KiaroJan 28, '22

Long gone are the days of settling for cannabis hidden in the back of a friend’s dresser drawer. And thank goodness for that!

The Kiaro shopping experience is a whole new ballgame. One that is illuminated and customized to your specific needs, desires, and even your concerns. Together, we elevate your personal flower-finding mission. We’ve made this super easy with our in-store Ask Kiaro Sessions

There’s a sort of freedom when it comes to choosing flower—because there are so many options! And while there’s magic in that freedom, it also begs the question: How do I know which strain is perfect for me?

Only you can determine what your perfect strain is. But Kiaro is here to educate, support and empower you to approach the world of cannabis flower with confidence. 

Is there really a difference between strains?

Cannabis strains—sometimes called cultivars—are genetic variants of the cannabis plant. You know how there are different breeds of dogs? Well, consider strains to be breeds of cannabis. 

Strains fall into three subgroups: sativa, indica and hybrids. Indicas are typically known for relaxing, while sativas are thought to be energizing. Hybrids can be anywhere in between.But don’t rely on these subgroups! Everyone reacts differently to cannabis—so it’s best to focus on individual strains that are bred to have specific and consistent effects.

Why do I react differently to different strains?

Enter terpenes. These little compounds are most widely known for the role they play in the taste and fragrance of each individual cultivar. But terpenes are also crucial for the unique experience of a strain. 

Many terpenes are bioactive, meaning they can affect the body. These effects vary, depending on the terpene, the concentration and how they are being used. There are ongoing studies that demonstrate that terpenes enhance or alter the effects of THC and CBD in the body—this is referred to as the entourage effect. 

Learning about what terpenes do and how they smell can be helpful when picking out the perfect flower for you. 

So…how do I choose?

Visit your local Kiaro shop and speak with one of our experts or—better yet—schedule a one-on-one Ask Kiaro Anything session with a Kiaro Pathfinder. That’s a foolproof way to narrow down your search.

Want to get a headstart? Shop cannabis flower now and find your new best bud.