Have you heard about the Poolboy?

Have you heard about the Poolboy?

Admin KiaroOct 7, '21

Looking for a little poolside fun this fall? Look no further than Poolboy Cannabis

Based in Alberta, Poolboy supplies more than sunscreen and washboard abs—it brings the whole party. 

“Poolboy is for everyone—those who just want to sit on the edge and dip their toes to those who want to dive headfirst into the deep end,” said Joel Darichuk, Poolboy’s general manager. “We always wanted to bring the fun back to cannabis because we were going to retailers and everything was really stark and serious. To us, cannabis has always been about fun times with your best friends.”

The brand comes to the party with seven interesting and noteworthy strains—aptly named Poolboys. Like the super fresh and award-winning Super Lemon Haze, and the mysterious, diesel-y Chem Dog, and the opulent and earthy King T. And don’t fret, there’s more Poolboys on the way. 

Poolboy’s cannabis is grown by true fans of the plant; experts who have cut their teeth on the legacy market. With famed genetics, perfected cultivation techniques and a passion for local business and sustainability, the brand is solidly focused on their goal of creating top-tier cannabis at great prices.

“Our focus has always been on competitively priced, high-quality cannabis that is sustainably grown and packaged,” remarked Darichuk. 

“Poolboy is truly an Alberta-grown product. We are proud to showcase clean, Alberta, indoor-grown cannabis that supports and partners with only local suppliers. Even our packaging is locally sourced from right down the highway in Airdrie. We’re dedicated to having the smallest carbon footprint possible at every step.”

And their drool-worthy product line continues to grow, with goals of creating concentrated pre-rolls, solventless concentrates and edibles. But the next Poolboy to join the party? Vape carts. 

Which Poolboy makes you happy? We suggest you try ‘em all!

Find your Poolboy!