Kiaro's version of World Party Day

Happy World Party Day! This is where fun happens

Deb RApr 3, '19

Do you really need an excuse to party? Relieving stress after a long day at work is essential. So if there ever was a day to do just that, today is that day! “World Party Day" is a mass celebration which recognizes the human right to fun, peace and life. The day aims to achieve harmony in the world by encouraging people to celebrate the joy of existence. That's why this year to honour World Party Day, we've curated a list of cannabis accessories that will harmonize nicely for your party puff.

Yaketa - BRNT

No bells. No whistles. Just beautiful clean lines and handcrafted artisanship. It’s the ideal companion for the chic smoker who enjoys the best rolling ritual. Handmade in Canada, easy discard corners and organizational sections.

As low as $64.99

Yaketa handcrafted artisanship made in Canada - BRNT

Karuna - Maitri

The Karuna is a sustainable, airtight, smell proof and UV protective cannabis jar, designed to fit your fast-paced modern lifestyle. It's handmade with cherry wood and ceramic that fits 7-10 grams of cannabis. You can even write the strain on the ceramic with a chalk. How handy is that?

As low as $64.99

karuna maitri airtight smell proof UV protective cannabis jar

Kiaro Grinder - Krush 

Made from 6063 aerospace aluminium, the Kiaro Eco Kube grinder is the only quality square herbal grinder on the market featuring a two-way grind with minimal effort. This is one of the design advantages the grinder has.

As low as $31.99

kiaro grinder krush

Pure Hemp Unbleached Single Wide - Pure Hemp

100% eco-friendly tree-free rolling paper. Slightly thinner, unbleached papers with slow burn low ash with natural African acacia gumline.

As low as $2.99


pure hemp unbleached cannabis rolling paper single wide

Zest - Qwest 

And what would a party be like without the guest of honour - Kiaro's answer to an all-time favourite, Qwest Zest Super Lemon Haze.

As the name suggests, Zest Qwest has real lemony characteristics; a tart and sweet taste and the signature aromatic decadence of zesty citrus. It has a frosty layer of kief which allows for that coveted "blonde" tint.

If you think you know Super Lemon Haze, you’ll think again once you’ve tried Zest Qwest.

As low as $52.99

Qwest Zest Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Flower

Partying evokes good feeling emotions. So make the most of it and have fun with friends and family, or make new friends. Keeping in mind that partying is more than dancing and music, it’s about taking a break, taking time out and enjoying life. No one will be there to judge you. Namaste.