Happy Pi Day! Here's to

Happy Pi Day! Here's to "baked" goods.

Deb RMar 14, '19

Have you ever made or tried cannabis infused baked goods? Cannabis infused products are becoming more and more popular nowadays. That's why this year to honour Pi Day, we've curated a list of cannabis strains that harmonize your puff with your sweet tooth.


The first thing you'll notice about this strain is its sweet and fruity berry aroma. It's an indica dominant hybrid with dense shades of purple. Mildly euphoric deepening into a relaxed dreamy state.


Almost a pure sativa, this strain smells like butter and lemons! Sweet and tart lemony tastes and a decadence of zesty citrus. A delightful way to elevate your mood. 

lemony zesty citrus terpenes

Bubba kush

This sativa-dominant varietal showing shades of purple. It has a sweet flavour profile with hints of berry, chocolate and coffee. Nice stimulation of both body and mind.

Ice (Cream Cake)

A true overachiever of a new era: Ice Qwest. Its candy like in appearance with a creamy desert-like taste, it's as sweet as the name suggests. Dense and expertly cured, it will leave you cool, floating and peaceful.

Vision (Strawberry Cough)

Vision Qwest boasts a heritage of satisfaction that spans generations. Revered for its affluent lineage, it has a rich and sprawling variety of phenotypes. This is Strawberry Cough the way it was meant to be. Its enticing taste of strawberry will please any sweet tooth.

taste of strawberry sweet berries

If you enjoy cooking and looking to up your game, maybe it's time to think about incorporating cannabis oil in your weekly menu.

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