Celebrate Mother's Day with flowers

Celebrate Mother's Day with flowers

Admin KiaroMay 9, '21

This Mother’s Day, give your mom (or mother figure) a bouquet of flowers. And we’re not talking about roses. Although we’re sure she’d love those too. 

We’re talking about the gift of cannabis, or perhaps, an introduction to cannabis. 

There are plenty of moms out there who enjoy cannabis on the regular, whether recreationally or as an all-natural wellness product. Maybe this year, instead of a bottle of her favourite wine, you show your appreciation with a few cannabis beverages to try. Or switch out a trusty box of chocolates for a selection of cannabinoid-infused gummies and chocolate. Or, if we can be so bold, do both—she deserves it! 

There are also other moms out there who are curious about the plant. Those who want to experience cannabis, but in a way that feels safe and familiar to them. A CBD or low-THC beverage could be the perfect introduction. Or treat her to an at-home spa night, complete with a cannabis-infused bath bomb and topical lotion.

One Kiaro team member, C, recently introduced his mother to cannabis when she complained about having a hard time sleeping. Not only did the introduction provide C and his mom with a shared experience, but it became one of C’s unforgettable cannabis firsts. 

Here’s their story: 
My unforgettable first would be introducing my mother to cannabis. She had been using CBD for a couple years and liked the effects. However, she was looking for a sleep aid and while the CBD helped, it wasn’t having the effect she wanted. That’s when I suggested she should try a THC edible. With her experience with CBD, and me working at Kiaro, she knew I wouldn’t steer her wrong.

I brought her some grape gummies to try. They had about 2.5mg of THC, which is a low dose. About 45 minutes later she started to feel the heaviness and relaxation. She was surprised by how mild, but nice, the experience was. The next morning she slept in late. When she did get up, she said it was one of her best sleeps in years.

My mom was not a fan of cannabis when I was younger. I remember getting in trouble for smoking a joint with my brother and his friends when I was visiting from university. Now she sees the benefits of cannabis and has dabbled a bit more. She even goes to the cannabis shop close to her home in Alberta.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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