Happy 10/17!

Happy 10/17!

Admin KiaroOct 16, '20

While 4/20 holds the title for the ultimate cannabis holiday, in our eyes October 17 is the most memorable and important date to celebrate in the Canadian cannabis space. 

It was on Oct. 17, 2018, that it became legal to purchase and use recreational cannabis in Canada. On the same date the following year, in 2019, cannabis products grouped as “2.0 products”—like beverages, edibles and topicals—were rolled out across the country. 

To us, 10/17 represents the reintroduction of cannabis to the mainstream - a plant that was (and in some cases, still is) misunderstood for decades. The recreational and medicinal benefits of the plant are the stuff of legends, told in stories from all over the world, for thousands and thousands of years. 

This day is also a day to celebrate the pioneers of the cannabis industry. Those who tirelessly believed in and advocated for the plant for years. These courageous individuals faced judgement from many and even broke laws in their fight against prohibition. For them, October 17 was a dream that became a reality - it signifies hard work, sacrifice and stigma rewarded by the liberation of the plant.  

For Kiaro, October 17 has a more personal meaning. The actions that occurred on this day in 2018 inspired our name. Kiaro is a play on the Italian phrase chiaroscuro, which means “to emerge from darkness into light.” To us, this perfectly captures the essence of cannabis moving into this post-prohibition era. Cannabis merged from the darkness on the fringes of mainstream society, into the radiance of everyday life. 

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