Good Supply: Weed for the every man (and woman)

Good Supply: Weed for the every man (and woman)

Admin KiaroDec 16, '21

There are two things that set Good Supply apart as a brand, according to Michelle Morin, Good Supply’s brand manager. The first? They sell good weed. The second? Weed is something to be enjoyed! They believe in bringing a lighthearted spirit and humour to the industry.

“Not everyone is looking for cannabis that’s been grown in imported soil, sung to sleep, watered with organic tears—and for which you need to take out a mortgage to buy an ounce,” said Morin. 

“We’re creating cannabis products we would want to add to our daily stash, the stuff you reach for on a Tuesday night. We don’t cut corners on the stuff that matters: the high of our flower, the burn of our pre-rolls, the aromas of our vapes. But we don’t need any of the fancy frills (or hefty price tags) for our day-to-day stuff. Some might even say that in a way—good is better than great.”

Here at Kiaro, we’d say Good Supply cannabis is pretty damn great. The products are fresh and full of flavour, and they are grown under state-of-the-art conditions as part of the Tilray brand house. But what truly sets Good Supply apart is their no-BS approach to cannabis.

And who has time for BS these days?

“We aren’t all going to be the next hotshot superstar or celebrity CEO, and that’s okay with us,” said Morin. “We believe in celebrating every man (or woman). The day that starts at 9 am, not 6 am. A joint sparked at 4:20. A fancy meal and Oscar-winning movie can be fun on special occasions, but there’s something satisfying about a delicious slice of pizza and a good, fun comedy.”

Grown in Leamington, Ontario, with 2.3 million sq. ft. of cultivation space, Good Supply weed is tended and harvested alongside its sister brands under the Tilray umbrella. In addition to the greenhouses, Good Supply produces its custom vaping formulations in-house and their concentrates in their hydrocarbon extraction facility. 

Extracts aren’t the only thing the brand is cooking up—Good Supply’s team is always on the lookout for new and fun ways to enjoy the cannabis plant. Consumers across Canada can expect to see our Jean Guy Liquid Wax Vapes in stores in early 2022 (and presently on shelves in Ontario). And keep an eye open in your local Kiaro for Good Supply’s Hash Bats; a hash-infused pre-roll that packs a punch. Once you try it, you may never go back to standard pre-rolls. 

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