Getting Friendly with Spinach

Getting Friendly with Spinach

Admin KiaroMay 25, '22

Nothing brings people together like cannabis. 

Whether old friends or new, bonds are created and memories are made in a smoking circle. And it’s this focus on creating relationships that drives Spinach. 

Friends, fun and legendary cannabis are the “three things that make Spinach’s world go round.” So it only makes sense that the brand would create legendary products that are perfect for sharing with friends. 

There’s the flower, of course, where all good things in cannabis start. Spinach affectionately calls them “flowers worth picking for a friend,” but since they’re the ones doing the picking, that makes you their friend! 

And there’s the pre-rolls, because sometimes the best thing a friend can do is make your life easier. Expertly rolled, these joints won’t canoe or burn halfway from being packed too tightly; they deliver a simple, easy high. 

If you’re a smoker on the go, then you’ll love their vape cartridges, enhanced with natural terpenes for the most flavorful hit, every time. 

And of course, we can’t forget about the edibles. An explosion of flavor and a potent high that gets you feeling good makes Spinach edibles nearly irresistible. 

The growers and makers at Spinach are always innovating, and nowhere is this more apparent than their new edibles lines, Sourz and Feelz. Sourz, as the name implies, offers a line of edible flavors that are as mouth-puckering as they are potent. The Feelz lineup has a custom blend of THC, CBD, terpenes and minor cannabinoids like CBG. 

Best of all, friends don’t let friends smoke mystery weed, which is why you’ll always be able to take a deep dive into not just the cannabinoids, but the terpenes in your weed as well. If you’re curious about a specific strain or product, the Spinach website displays a colorful wheel of terpenes that you’ll smell and taste. 

Ready to make a new friend? Spinach products are waiting in your Kiaro stores.