Get outside with Muskoka Grown and their Everyday Gas

Get outside with Muskoka Grown and their Everyday Gas

Admin KiaroMay 28, '21

Summertime, sunshine and the perfect, everyday smoke—three things that come to mind when dreaming of Muskoka. 

Muskoka Grown is focused on “everyday gas,” said Alycia Walker, the brand’s marketing manager. For the brand, that means an indica flower with great flavour, a fresh experience and an affordable price point.

Muskoka Grown, based in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country, is intent on bringing top-shelf, craft, small-batch cannabis to Canadians. As a community, Muskoka is simultaneously tight-knit and welcoming to outsiders—the community is dedicated to local love and preserving their environment, while being open minded and supportive of new people and perspectives. In short, Muskokans unabashedly love what they love. 

The same can be said for Muskoka Grown. Whenever possible, the brand supports local trades and community organization, while remaining open and focused on what they love. For Muskoka Grown, they love to grow high-quality, legal cannabis for their most important consumers: the everyday smoker.

“From the beginning, we’ve been focused on flower, set out to make nothing but the finest craft cannabis true to the origin of its strain,” remarked Walker. “Devoted to the purity of our flower and the quality of every harvest, we’re committed to bringing fresh, flavourful and fairly-priced indica flower to everyday smokers.”

Deeply rooted in craftsmanship, Muskoka Grown’s team of growers take a hands-on approach to their cultivation process. Each bud is hand selected and nitrogen flushed to provide consistent, potent and gassy flavours. The flower is packed by hand into a sustainable tin or a resealable pouch to ensure the preservation of aroma and flavour.

This year, consumers can expect the brand to continue to focus on fresh and flavourful flower. 

“Muskoka Grown looks forward to expanding our Everyday Gas product line up in 2021 with our 3.5 g, 14 g, 28 g and pre-roll formats,” said Walker. “No matter what strain, consumers can consistently expect a gassy flavour, fresh experience and fair price—every time.”

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