Four Reasons to Love Cannabis on International Women’s Day

Four Reasons to Love Cannabis on International Women’s Day

Admin KiaroMar 7, '22

International Women’s Day is March 8 and we’re celebrating the best way we know how. With cannabis. 

Think that’s a strange way to celebrate? Think again.

Cannabis and women go hand-in-hand, from the plant itself, to modern ways of consuming. Whether you’re reaching for a joint, a tincture or a THC seltzer, you’ve got a friend in weed. 

However you choose to consume, cannabinoids (compounds like THC and CBD) stimulate your endocannabinoid system in an effort to help you sleep better, reduce stress and feel happier. And isn’t being well-rested and happy the best way to spend IWD? 

Here are four reasons to love cannabis this International Women’s Day:

  1. First things first, we have female plants to thank for all of that weed. That’s right—when it comes to the big, beautiful flowers you know and love, your girls have your back. Cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female plants, and only the females are capable of growing buds. So, the next time you go to light up, thank the lady that did the hard work. 
  2. Did you know a woman pioneered the iconic weed brownie? Brownie Mary was a cannabis activist in the 1980s in California who popularized infusing cannabis into brownies. She gained national attention after getting arrested while trying to deliver her treats to hospital patients with AIDS and cancer. Care, compassion and baked goods—Brownie Mary truly embodied what cannabis is all about. She became such a sensation that she even has her own Wikipedia page
  3. Cannabis can help with period pain! Studies indicate THC and CBD both have anti-inflammation and pain-reducing properties, making cannabis invaluable when Mother Nature announces herself. Women have been turning to this plant for pain relief for hundreds of years (even Queen Victoria used a hemp cream) and it’s never been more simple to put this plant to work for you. If a pre-roll isn’t your style, try a tincture, topical cream or even a soft gel. 
  4. Women are the fastest-growing cannabis demographic. In 2020, more than 50% of all new cannabis users were women, and across every generation women bought more weed than men. While stoner culture has long been male-dominated, legal cannabis has made it significantly easier for women to try new products. From drinks and capsules, to lip balm and bath bombs, there’s a range of options that work with every lifestyle. #womenloveweedtoo
Bonus! It’s only right to celebrate International Women’s Day by lighting up with bud from a female-owned company. Reach for flower from Eve &Co., a female-founded and led company that grows weed for women.