Flowr: Unstashing the stash

Flowr: Unstashing the stash

Admin KiaroJun 14, '21

It’s time to stop hiding.” 

Get Outside is Kiaro’s theme for the summer months—and let’s just say, we’re feeling Flowr’s latest campaign, Nothing to Hide. We’re all ready to get out there. Let’s take a cue from the producer, unstash the stash, and shine a little light on our individual cannabis journeys. 

Flowr, a Canadian producer, cut their teeth on the legacy market long before bringing their unique and consistent cannabis products to the legal adult-use market. Those years of dedicated and perfected cultivation techniques have come full circle, culminating in interesting, quality strains that appeal to consumers seeking an elevated flower experience. 

“When we say Flowr was built in the underground, we mean it,” said Nicole Wolff, Flowr’s brand director. 

Members of Flowr’s founding team have roots in the legacy market, some of whom received pardons with support from Pardons Canada, and have shared their knowledge of genetics, cultivation and building design to guide Flowr from the earliest days. (In fact, Flowr recently donated $100,000 to Pardons Canada in the spirit of giving back to the community.) These insights have helped Flowr outline the experience they want to provide consumers.

“Precision cannabis,” remarked Wolff when asked to describe the brand’s experience. “Cannabis can be used as a tool, but only if it is grown with precision. And it is the consistency that Flowr delivers in our products that enables consumers to have a repeatable experience time and time again.”

Consistency is one reason (of many!) why Kiaro customers love Flowr products. The producer has assembled a team of researchers and growers to help deliver safe, high-quality cannabis time and time again. Wolff credits this to the hard work and research that goes down at Canada’s first-of-its-kind cannabis research and development facility. In collaboration with Hawthorne, Flowr leverages the Kelowna facility to zero in on efficiency and consistency. 

“It’s a blend of art and science that we believe is a bit of a secret sauce,” said Wolff. “On the art side of the equation, we have a team that has been working at this for years, well before legalization. The ability to walk into a room, look at the plant and just know what she needs is something that can’t be taught.”

We know—all this talk about the Flowr cannabis experience has you curious to try their premium products. No matter where you are on your cannabis journey, Flowr has a product for you. 

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