Florals for fall. Groundbreaking.

Florals for fall. Groundbreaking.

Admin KiaroSep 17, '21

This autumn, Kiaro is showcasing the incredible cannabis flower you can find in our stores. No matter your preferences, or where you are on your personal cannabis journey—we have the perfect cannabis flower for you. And we’ll help you find it with our Fall Flowers campaign. 

Throughout the fall season, we’ll be featuring our seasonal promotions along with some remarkable brands we think everyone should check out. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have coming your way:

The Alberta-grown Poolboy Cannabis brings seven top notch strains—dubbed Poolboys—to the table. With a team that perfected their growing techniques in the legacy market, it goes without saying that the brand offers flower products that are high-quality and of interesting genetics. Combined with droolworthy terpene profiles, you won’t be able to keep your hands off the Poolboy. 

Next in the lineup is -ness. -Ness understands that cannabis is a personal experience—it’s about YOU. And their flower, while fresh and flavour, is about you exploring more of who you are. Whatever your -ness—happy-ness or creative-ness—this brand has a product to help you dig a little deeper into your uniqueness.

Broken Coast specializes in premium dried flower, and trust us, they live up to the hype. They stick to their growing mantra—small batch, single room, single strain—and the results speak for themselves. Broken Coast cannabis is fresh, full of flavour, and has a little something for everyone. 

Stay tuned for more in-depth fall flower showcases. 

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