Find Your Pot (of Gold) this St. Patrick’s Day

Find Your Pot (of Gold) this St. Patrick’s Day

Admin KiaroMar 16, '22

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Or as we like to call it, St. Potrick’s Day. 

What’s not to love about this holiday? Good food, good drinks and the perfect excuse to get together to celebrate. Whether you’re outfitting from head to toe in green, or firing up the slow cooker for corned beef and cabbage, there’s one kind of green you need to make the festivities complete—cannabis. 

At Kiaro, St. Potrick’s Day is less about how much green you’re wearing, and more about how much green you're carrying. Whether you’re trying to find your pot of gold, or looking for new ways to spruce up your party, we’ve got you covered to add a modern twist to your St Potrick’s Day celebrations. 

Canna-drinks are the new beer

Sure, you could crack open a pint of Guinness to celebrate, but why not reach for a THC beverage instead? These fast-acting, and surprisingly beer-like drinks keep you (and the party) going. The best part? No hangover.

  • Mollo 5. This 1:1 THC and CBD drink is barley-based, so you won’t even notice it’s not beer. It’s the perfect social lubricant to keep you running strong all day long. 
  • Mollo 5 Lime. Crafted with hops, barley, and lime, Mollo 5 Lime is a refreshing alternative option to alcohol that still gets you buzzed. 
  • Bedfellows Haus Mates. A little bit floral, a little bit malty and hoppy, making it the perfect replacement for your traditional lager. 
  • Bedfellows Indie Pals. A canna-twist on a pale ale. Hoppy and fruity, with a 10 mg dose of THC (and 2 mg CBD) for good measure.

Covered in green

We’ve got all the green and gold you need. These clovers have seven leaves instead of four, but they’re still good luck! 

  • Green Cush. This strain is a breath of fresh air, with a dark rich color and strong scents of pine.
  • Tangie Green. A light green flower with aromas of fruit and hops, Tangie Green is a dream.
  • Garlic Z. Ready to expand your palate? Garlic Z is admittedly an adventurous flavor, but a St Potrick’s Day party is a great place to try something new. 
  • Gold Star. If you’re celebrating with gold rather than green, reach for this citrusy indica flower.

Find your pot of gold

Need a pot for all that gold and green? Reach for the Iridescent Large Spoon Bowl, a glass bowl with a pack big enough for all your celebratory needs. It comes in multiple colors including, of course, green.