Elevate your chill with San Rafael ‘71

Elevate your chill with San Rafael ‘71

Admin KiaroJul 28, '21

Southern California. 1971. 

This serves as the backdrop for all that San Rafael ‘71 stands for. The cannabis brand is an industry standout based on quality alone, but add in the brand colours, the chill vibe and SoCal approach—you have a weed brand that rings true to cannabis’ Cali-cool roots. 

San Rafael ‘71 is inspired by the origins of 4/20 (which we explored here) and enjoying cannabis on a carefree, sunny afternoon. Dreamy, right? And, trust us, the products are just as dreamy. 

No matter where you are in your cannabis journey—a new explorer or an experienced enthusiast—San Rafael ‘71 has a product for you. Find gummies, softgels, flower, pre-rolls and live resin on Kiaro store shelves. 

These products are for customers who understand—or who want to understand—the nuances of cannabis culture, and who know and appreciate the care that goes into quality weed. San Rafael ‘71 doesn’t mess around. The brand remains true to science and true to genetics. The result? Award-winning cannabis.  

Their growers are dedicated to cultivating the best buds. You know the kind, cannabis flower with a flavour that’s instantly recognizable. Buds that offer a carefree smoke for a chill vibe. San Rafael ‘71 grows strains that are considered cultural icons in the world of cannabis. 

And, in addition to remarkable strains, each plant has been hang dried, hand bottled and packed with a humidity pack to ensure fresh, amazing cannabis products. 

And there’s more coming your way! Customers can expect to see three new cultivars from San Rafael ‘71 created with proprietary genetics, as well as their upcoming ultra-premium live resin 510 vapes.