Elevate the May 2-4 fun with cannabis

Elevate the May 2-4 fun with cannabis

Admin KiaroMay 19, '22

Ah, summer. Warm weather and long hours of sunlight are here. 

Although May Two-Four is not the official start of the summer season, it may as well be. This long weekend invites us to trade in our snow pants for summer shorts, and to get the sunscreen and bug spray ready. 

It’s also the perfect time to trade a two-four of beer for a pack of cannabis beverages. You may just find your new favorite drink to sip on all summer long. 

Check out this list of holiday-weekend-worthy products:

Skipping the beer for May two-four? With so many options for cannabis beverages, you won’t even miss the lagers or IPAs. Here’s our recommendation:

Bedfellows Haus Mates - $6.99

For the beer drinker who is also a cannabis lover, Haus Mates is the perfect meeting of the minds. Enjoy the taste and aromas of malt and hops you love combined with 7.5 mg of THC and a balancing 2.5 mg of CBD, so you can sip on this all day long. 

Bedfellows Indie Pals - $7.99

If you prefer hops over malts, this beverage from Bedfellows will be right up your alley. An aroma of fruit and hops is complemented by stone fruit flavors and a blend of 10 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD, so you can enjoy without worry of getting too elevated. 

Mollo 5 - $5.99

Who needs a lager when you have a Mollo? Floral aromas meet hints of pepper with an unexpected finishing sweetness in this refreshing drink. 5 mg of THC are balanced by 5 mg of CBD for a functional yet relaxed sensation. Best enjoyed in a chilled glass. 

Deep Space Grape Unknown - $8.99

Grape soda, all grown up. Offering a familiar soda taste, Deep Space Grape Unknown is a vibrantly purple carbonated beverage that packs a punch. With 10 mg of THC per can, the Grape Unknown will have you feeling light and lifted in no time. 

Convenience is the name of the game on a holiday weekend, so don’t lift a finger with packs of pre-rolled joints that make smoking and sharing easy. 

Okum MazzBerry Pre-Rolls, 5-pack - $14.99

It doesn’t get much more convenient than a five pack of pre-rolls. Rolled with a hybrid blend of Mazar and Blueberry, these MazzBerry rolls have strong fruity and earthy aromas. At 0.3 g per roll, you can light these up with friends all day long. 

BC Dreamweaver - $24.99

If you want to show up ready to get the party going, this 10 pack of pre-rolls is the way to do it. Weighing in at 0.35 g each, these joints are rolled with B.C.-grown Dreamweaver and have a citrus aroma with an earthy, floral taste.