Doja Brand Spotlight

Doja Brand Spotlight

Admin KiaroNov 18, '22

Arthur here, and I’m back again with another Brand Spotlight video to help support you with some in depth product knowledge. Today we will be talking about a company that takes pride in using a blend of old-school technique and plant science, Doja Cannabis.

Hailing from the Okanagan (oak-A- noggin) Valley, Doja is a company that is small batched focused, carefully selecting cultivars and curating customized care plans for each plant. Doja’s dedicated grow team ensures every plant is flushed, hung-dried, and cured to guarantee the bud retains the highest possible quality. Finishing it off with hand manicuring! A self care routine I can stand behind!

Starting us off is OG Deluxe 3.5g and pre rolls. With a lineage of OGKB x Triangle Kush x Josh D OG, this hybrid baddie is sure to leave you calm with some happy go lucky vibes. Because of the high terpinolene (ter-PIN-uh-leen) content, OG Deluxe can also produce a focusing effect. This strain offers a consistently high THC percentage, so customers can come back confident they will receive the same high percentages as before. OG Deluxe gives you the best of both worlds for flavour, offering hints of fruit and spice to bring you a well rounded hybrid. As with all Doja 3.5g flower formats, a boveda is packed in with the flower to ensure quality bud for consumers. With the OG Deluxe pre rolls you can expect 3 x 0.5grams of milled flower in each tube. Each pre roll is hand finished for guaranteed quality.

This iconic strain needs no intro…. Ultra Sour! A sativa dom that descends from MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel. A quick smell upon opening the package provides a fun citrus slap. While smoking, the exhale gives you that spice and floral from the terpinolene (ter-PIN-uh-leen) and caryophyllene (Carrio Fi-lene) terpenes found in this bud. This strain is a great wake n bake giving you a boost of energy and keeps your productivity high. This particular strain from Doja is a fan favourite and keeps the crowds coming back for more. You can also find their boveda pack inside which ensures the bud stays fresh upon consumption.

Our last 3.5g we will be covering today from Doja is their Blackberry Cream. This is a delicious and creamy indica with a Blackberry Kush and Cookies N Cream lineage. With these two superstars behind this yummy strain you can expect a superb state of relaxation throughout the body. With the high myrcene (mer-seen) content, be prepared for a soothing high that calms any body aches or pains. Keep some hydration nearby as dry mouth is bound to happen! 

We have one more pre roll to go over today, and that is the Cold Creek Kush. This pre roll offers 3 joints at 0.5grams each. Cold Creek Kush is an indica dominant hybrid made from the union of MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91. Boasting strong notes of pepper, pine and earth, along with the amazing terpenes such as beta caryophyllene (Carrio Fi-lene), myrcene (mer-seen) and linalool (lin-alool), this strain is great for a calming sedative effect or anyone looking to unwind from all the thoughts in their head. 

As always, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your cannabis exploration journey, and I’ll be back soon with another spotlight!