Did good things happen in 2020? Yes.

Did good things happen in 2020? Yes.

Admin KiaroDec 30, '20

I think we can all agree 2020 turned out a little differently than anticipated. Whether you had big career goals, travel plans, or even plans to spend more time with friends and family—this year has made things a bit more challenging. And, in some cases, impossible. 

But 2020 hasn’t been without its gifts. And because Kiaro means light, let’s take a look at the things that made 2020 a little brighter. 

Working From Home. Not only did this pivot enable individuals to keep their jobs, but it also meant working in cozy clothes without the distractions of an office. Plus, with zero commute and parking, many have been able to save time and money. The WFH life isn’t without challenges, but the better work-life balance is a huge perk!

Connection. Zoom calls and Facetime chats not only made WFH possible, but it also allowed people to connect and/or reconnect with loved ones near and far. With the slower pace of life and technology, there was opportunity to have hours-long conversations with people you don’t often make time for due to distance or busy schedules. And while Zoom weddings aren’t ideal, gestures to include faraway relatives will likely continue once we’ve put the pandemic behind us. 

Cannabis Beverages. The year was the year of the cannabis beverage. While 2.0 products were legalized in 2019, it took a hot minute for canna drinks to hit store shelves and another minute for customers to take notice. But 2020 left consumers looking for new and different experiences, enticing many cannabis enthusiasts to try beverages and many new-to-cannabis users to try weed in a more familiar format. Bottoms up!

Deepened relationships with bubble-buddies. Social distancing was—and still is—an isolating, annoying, yet necessary practice. However, it allowed us to slow down and deepen the relationships with our pod-people. This could be the neighbours you’ve only nodded hello to in the past, or even your long-lasting friendships. No matter who you spoke to this year, chances are you moved beyond small talk. 

Pre-roll Shorties. Half the fun of a joint is sharing. But a pandemic has taken the “pass” part out of “puff, puff, pass.” That’s why pre-roll shorties are a wonderful gift of 2020. These mini joints are perfect for a few solo hauls and are a great addition to any isolation stash.

Meaningful shifts in perspective. This year, life took an unexpected turn and we all had to slow down. It was like a bucket of cold water was dumped on humanity. And while it was certainly frustrating and inconvenient, 2020 also gifted us with meaningful moments to recognize the hard work of complete strangers. We’re grateful for hard-working nurses, doctors and hospital staff. We appreciate the tough job our teachers have. We are thankful retail workers and grocery store clerks go to work every day.

Now let’s welcome in 2021! Happy New Year, from Kiaro.