Define your journey with -ness

Define your journey with -ness

Admin KiaroSep 30, '21

Remarkable-ness. Creative-ness. You-ness.

-ness is all about creating cannabis products that help customers discover, well, themselves. The fact that their flower is high quality and full of fresh flavour? That’s the cherry on top. 

This is a brand that’s not for the weed snob or even for the beginner—although all are welcome, remarked Jordan Winnett, chief marketing officer for BZAM Cannabis, -ness’s LP. It’s the brand for those ready to explore.

“-ness is somewhere in the middle,” he continued. “You may recognize familiar lineages, or appreciate flavour and quality, but there’s also room to learn more. Not just about cannabis, but about what cannabis means to you. Our goal with -ness is to celebrate that personalized exploration.” 

Quality comes first for BZAM Cannabis, which grows -ness flower at licensed cultivation facilities in BC and Alberta. The grow team is passionate about providing each plant with the individual care it needs to be healthy, fresh, and grow to be full of flavour and THC. This means closely monitoring factors like nutrients, lighting, temperature.

But -ness takes it a step further, explained Winnett. The head grower sits with the plants to feel their energy and needs. The team massages each plant during net training. The grow room bustles with a playlist of favourite tunes that surround the plants with positive vibes. 

By hand harvesting, -ness strives to offer each consumer the most fresh product possible. Winnett said this keeps the offering fresh too: by growing in numerous small grow rooms, genetics and strains are rotated more frequently. 

Top quality fresh and flavourful flower aside, -ness offers an experience that’s about exploration, self-care, growth and empowerment. All through a lens that’s full of lighthearted fun. 

“We don’t want people to feel intimidated by the world of cannabis,” commented Winnett. “We want cannabis to be welcoming and we want people to feel confident in the way they choose to experience it.”

The first step on the -ness adventure? Experience it for yourself! Shop -ness flower, distillate and pre-rolls (BC only) today. And stay tuned for more unique home-grown genetics that are slated to hit the market soon.

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