Creating a Cannabis Industry that Gives Back with Original Stash

Creating a Cannabis Industry that Gives Back with Original Stash

Admin KiaroNov 17, '21

With high-quality cannabis at remarkably low prices, Original Stash knows that good weed doesn’t have to be complicated. They also know that good weed can—and should be—sustainable. In fact, Original Stash is one of the greenest cannabis companies in Canada (pun intended).

In September 2021, Original Stash, along with their parent company Hexo, achieved a monumental first: going completely carbon neutral!

“Reducing our environmental impact has been important to us since Day 1,” said Zac Chow, Hexo’s regional key account manager. “It takes big companies, like ours, to make a change and we want to be a leader in environmental initiatives for the cannabis industry.” 

Not only has Hexo offset all of its operational carbon emissions, they’ve also offset the carbon emissions of their 1,200 employees through global solar and forest conservation partnerships. This commitment to sustainability is also invested closer to home by supporting the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. The Great Bear Rainforest is a national treasure, one of Canada’s most unique ecological systems. It holds the honor of being the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world, and home to the one-and-only Spirit Bear!

Hexo’s commitment to renewability expands into our oceans as well. By working with their packaging supplier Dymapak in partnership with Plastic Bank®, Hexo has helped remove 8,000 kg of plastic waste from the oceans—the equivalent of 3.55 million plastic water bottles.

“We want to inspire other companies to do the same,” Chow continued. “It’s our responsibility to leave the planet in a healthy state for future generations.” 

Initiatives like these make a big difference in offsetting the impact of the cannabis industry. But Original Stash’s commitment to the environment includes their growing techniques through the efforts of Master Grower Agnes Kwasniewska.

Kwasniewska was the first female master grower in Canada and the 2019 Master Grow of the Year. She uses pioneering pest management systems that keep harmful chemical pesticides out of the flower in favor of more gentle solutions- like ladybugs! Her natural pesticides keep the plants free from harmful chemicals while ensuring they grow the fattest, healthiest buds possible to turn into your favourite pre-rolls and stash bags.

Good weed, great prices and an unparalleled commitment to the future of our planet are just a few reasons why Original Stash is the OG. 

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