Celebrate summer with a cannabis beverage

Celebrate summer with a cannabis beverage

Admin KiaroJul 14, '21

Pot Girl Summer is here. It’s a celebratory summer vibe that’s energizing these hot days and sultry nights. No matter how you identify, we’re declaring 2021 Pot Girl Summer—the summer of cannabis. 

And the best way to celebrate? Beverages. Why are we at Kiaro such advocates for the canna-beverage? Well, besides being a vessel for cannabinoid and terpene consumption, cannabis drinks offer the comfort of familiarity. That’s not all they have to offer. Check it out:

  • Onset time of about 30 minutes
  • Refreshingly tasty, with flavours to suit even the pickiest taste buds
  • Low calorie
  • Dosed according to bottle size, so you can have a drink—or a few!—in one sitting
  • No hangovers

And what better time to try some beverages than this summer. For many, the summer of 2021 is about celebrating responsibly. So next time you catch yourself reaching for a cold beer or a glass of chilled white wine, switch it up for a delicious and flavourful canna-drink. 

Here are a few options that the Kiaro crew recommends:

If you love a refreshing beer: Mollo 5
Hits the tongue like a brisk, light beer, except it’s low calorie and alcohol-free. The familiarity of the taste, along with the THC:CBD balance makes for a soothing and delicious indulgence. 

Perfect pairing: Great to sip on while camping, watching a movie, or chilling with friends. 

If you love a juicy, tropical cocktail: XMG Mango Pineapple
If you love tropical fruit flavours, you’ll love this heavy hitting sparkling drink. Rich and sweet, with undertones of cannabis distillate, this flavourful beverage is the epitome of easy drinking. 

Perfect Pairing: Excellent drink to enjoy while socializing with friends or playing some backyard games.

If you love a smooth iced tea: Summit 10 Lemonade Iced Tea
A refreshing flavour that tastes like a not-too-sugary iced tea. This resealable beverage packs a serious punch with 10 mg of THC, but not at the cost of the smooth feel and taste of lemony black tea. 

Perfect Pairing: For fuelling up on hot days or after a workout.