Butter us up: Tips for making canna-butter

Butter us up: Tips for making canna-butter

Admin KiaroNov 24, '21

If canna-gummies have taught us anything, it’s that food can get you high AND be tasty. It’s a modern day spin on the classic idiom: “Nutritious and delicious.”

These days, between retailers and specialty restaurants, cannabis is being integrated into food more and more. And guess what? You can easily incorporate weed into your own kitchen adventures. 

Where to start, you ask? Let’s start with canna-butter. Cannabis-infused butter is one of the more common ways people cook with weed at home—bake it into desserts, sauces, or even smear it onto a sandwich.

Here’s how to make your own canna-butter:

Light it.
Word to the wise, light a candle. Things are gonna get fragrant.

Heat it.
To cook with cannabis, the first step is to add heat. THC, one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis (and the one with psychoactive properties), needs heat to work. This is why smoking and vaping are such popular and efficient methods of consumption. 

To activate the THC, place buds on a cookie sheet and toss them into the oven at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes. As with all things cannabis, start low and go slow! Slowly baking flower on a low temperature will mitigate burning and overcooking. 

Grind it.
You’ll need to grind down the plant after it's baked, particularly if using whole buds. A cannabis grinder is best and will keep your kitchen tools clean—and family friendly!—but a coffee grinder works well if you’re in a pinch. 

Simmer it.
Using a double boiler to avoid burning and overheating, melt your butter down and add the baked cannabis. Then, let it simmer for about three hours. Once it’s simmered, strain out the plant material. 

Eat it.
Place the heated canna-butter in the fridge to harden and—voila!—a stick of ready-to-use cannabis-infused butter.