SPOTLIGHT: Cookies & Lemonnade Pre-Rolls

SPOTLIGHT: Cookies & Lemonnade Pre-Rolls

Admin KiaroJul 22, '22

Born in the San Francisco Bay area, Cookies was founded by 2 visionaries; driven entrepreneur and rapper Berner, and master grower Jai (the creator of the infamous Girls Scout Cookies strain). Together these two created a community where cannabis connoisseurs from all over the world could come together and bond over our shared passion, cannabis. With their combined capacities for creativity, quality, and love for this plant, Berner and Jai have managed to bring you some of the most sought after cannabis strains in the world. Through their own exotic genetics, and collaborations with other master growers, you’re guaranteed to experience something special with every smoke.

We have quite the selection of pre rolled strains at Kiaro so let's dive on in!

First up we have the GP20 pre roll, otherwise known as Gary Payton! This strain is a Cookies x Powerzzz collab, and you may be familiar with Ken Powers work as the creator of the delicious Cherry Pie strain! GP20 is going to offer you a smooth gassy flavour with spicy and citrusy notes. With its indica dominant terpene profile you can be sure to experience maximum chill with this loud strain.

Next up in line is Georgia Pie, and boy is she sweet. This strain is a Cookies x Seed Junkie collab and is perfect for those of you looking for something truly unique. Seed Junkie specializes in exotic strains and their lineages are kept under tight wraps. With a medium loud aroma of baked peach and the sweet taste of stone fruit, this mildly indica leaning hybrid will leave you with a warm body buzz and a smiley uplifted high.

London Pound Cake is our next stop on this world tour, and she is the definition of complex. This is a Cookies original, sativa leaning hybrid with layers. You can expect to taste gassy sweet notes, with blueberry and lemongrass. Its fresh on the inhale with a hint of menthol, ending with a gassy-sweet coating on the exhale. London Pound Cake delivers a more cerebral high, perfect for those looking for an elevated and energetic experience.

For all you exotic hunters and craft lovers out there, let us introduce the pre rolled Collective - The Soap. This strain is named quite accurately, with fresh, bright floral notes, you can expect to be reminded of Thrills gum, with a sweet and soapy inhale, and a spicy gassy exhale. This strain hits like an even hybrid with a slight body buzz and a matched uplifted mood. Whatever time of day you decide to spark this one up, its sure to leave you feeling squeaky clean. 

Moving through to Cookies’ sister brand, Lemonnade. Lemonnade is considered the highest form of the growers art. Founded by Berner and Brett Wilson (a.k.a. Growing Passion), Lemonade is a sativa focused line of strains, growing flavour forward flowers with meticulous genetics. Lemonade was voted the #1 sativa menu in the world, and is known for its incredibly exclusive collabs.

The first of the two Lemonade strains we are featuring is pre rolled Lions Mane! Now this specialty strain is going to produce a sour, earthy aroma with hints of spice, and can taste very floral and tarte on the inhale. Do a dry pull on this one before you light up, it’s a very unique flavour palette that puts your tastebuds to the test. This strain is going to be perfect for anyone who needs a little kick when it comes to socializing at a party or just getting your daily tasks done. Lions Mane will leave you feeling positive, focused, and ready to take on the day!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Pink Rozay! Originally a collab with Berner and Rick Ross on their new cannabis line Collins Avenue, this strain is representative of Ross’ connection with Miami, and provides the consumer with another unique experience. With a bright champagne aroma, followed by floral yeasty notes, this hybrid strain pulls like a dream and comes with a velvety cake finish on the exhale. Pink Rozay is a very versatile strain, and is excellent for celebrating with friends, floating down a lazy river, or just relaxing in the luxury of your day dreams.

Clearly we are not with a lack of choice when it comes to pre-rolls from Cookies and Lemonnade – if you read something that sparked your fancy (how could you not?!) then swing on by Kiaro and we’ll be stoked to help you try out what could be your new go-to.