Ask A Grower: With Jesse Younker of Sitka Weedworks

Ask A Grower: With Jesse Younker of Sitka Weedworks

Admin KiaroMay 4, '21

Sitka Weedworks is doing cannabis their way—with a little help from their friends. Not only is the British Columbia-based LP producing remarkable cannabis products (Check out their Greenade brand, stat!), but Sitka’s experienced growers are partnered with skillful and cannabis-obsessed micro growers to cultivate top-shelf small batch cannabis. The result: legendary B.C. bud delivered to today’s consumers. 

Join us as Jesse Younker, Master Grower at Sitka Weedworks, shares how he’s pushing the B.C. cannabis industry to be the best it can be. 

Name: Jesse Younker
Title: Master Grower
Company: Sitka Weedworks
Favourite strain: Grape dominant Romulan 

The most fascinating part of growing cannabis: The ability to try new things every crop. Whether it be a new genetic, new technique, or a new innovation. Cannabis cultivation will envelop you.

What brought you to the world of botany and cannabis? I started growing for the same reason as most guys: to get the best smoke around. Even within a stable genetic there's always another pheno to taste.

What inspires you? Here in B.C. we have big boots to fill. Being the Canadian capital of growing, we gotta show Cali that we can pump top-shelf strains as hard as the next guy.

My wife constantly pushes me to be better in every aspect of my life. I just wanna leave my mark and show my daughter that if you love something, aim to be the best at it.

Sitka Weedworks has partnered with micro growers—why was this important to? And how do you choose which growers to partner with? Micro growers are the backbone of the entire scene. These guys are not only amazing growers, but the mad scientists of the industry that push cannabis further than anyone else is comfortable with. They all want to drive the cleanest product around, with the richest smoke. Guaranteeing quality and pesticide-free cannabis is the pillar of Sitka's success. That's why we select growers with a ton of experience and dedication to the end user. We all just want to win a cup and stake our claim as professionals.

How do you support each grower, from in-house to partner, so they thrive? We have a huge network of growers to bounce information off of. Whether it be a simple technique or a game-changing food line, we all are just looking for the next big thing. Thankfully, we have an environment where people are not only eager to show what they have accomplished, but show you how they got there. We have old-school guys who know stuff that doesn't even make sense on paper. Then we have guys who can explain what is happening in our plants down to the molecule. So however you were taught, we have an answer.

What challenges/obstacles do you face in the recreational cannabis space? We are constantly working with nature to harmonize our relationship with our plants. The cold, wet winters of the west coast, as well as the hot, humid summers, mean you are constantly scouting your rooms and adjusting your equipment to the plant’s needs. Trying to simulate what happens outside is never an easy thing. We, of course, are always vigilant on looking for any anomalies like a new pest or disease. With a solid IPM program and skilled technicians, the battle is usually ours to win.

As an LP, what would you like consumers to know about where their cannabis products come from? We pride ourselves in delivering a product we can all be proud of. I'm a big time smoker myself, so I know how disappointing it can be to open a jar and roll up a dusty, flavourless cone. I won't put out anything I wouldn't pick up myself. So from the time we load our room, to the minute it's out the door, we take care to make sure you are getting our best work.

What exciting things can consumers expect from Sitka Weedworks in 2021? You can expect a top-notch menu this year. With the addition of the micros it gives us the ability to fire up exponentially more strains and to dial in some of our crowd favorites. From extractions to diverse terpene profiles—Sitka’s got you.

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