Ask A Grower: Oakum Cannabis

Ask A Grower: Oakum Cannabis

Admin KiaroAug 6, '21

Haven’t heard of Oakum Cannabis? Don’t worry. You will soon. 

The Kelowna-based licensed cannabis producer that aims to elevate the cannabis experience for customers. And with products slated to hit store shelves this month, consumers will soon be able to try the fresh, high-quality flower products firsthand. 

Below, Oakum’s Anthony Charles—the LP’s master grower and production coordinator—walks us through the ins and outs of selecting and growing impactful cultivars, as well as fills us in on when we can expect to see Oakum cannabis on store shelves. 

Name: Anthony Charles

Title: Master Grower and Production Coordinator

Company: Oakum Cannabis Corp, Kelowna BC

Favourite strain: GCG (Green Crack x God Bud)

What’s the most fascinating part of growing cannabis?
Learning about a strain.  Every strain is different and finding that special combination of factors like: nutrients, environment, and care , connects me to my plants.  It’s truly a labour of love.

What brought you to the world of botany and cannabis? 
As a family, we had seen great results with medical cannabis, right when Canada decided to move cannabis production into a more regulated system. We saw a business opportunity to do something amazing and decided to invest in the new world of cannabis.

What inspires you when selecting cultivars to grow?
I want to use strains that get people excited, and then show how well our team can provide that product to the consumer. It’s not easy though. Not only does it have to meet our quality standards, it must also be appropriate for our production methods.

From my understanding, Oakum is preparing for its launch. Can you tell us about your mix of cultivars? How did you choose the right strains for “SPIRE” and “DISCOVER” lines? 
Yes, we are very excited to enter the BC cannabis market! Currently, our main cultivar is GCG, which is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is a strong plant with beautiful dark purple buds and an average THC content of 25 percent. This cultivar will be used in our DISCOVER® branded products. 

With our SPIRE® brand, Oakum aims to offer a cultivar that would offer the consumer a more relaxed feel. We have a large onsite supply of seeds and are always testing new cultivars like God’s Glue and Scout Master. Based on how these new cultivars  perform in our Rotogro machines, we will then determine which one to showcase in SPIRE® products.

Tell me about your grow facility—how do you give each cultivar the specific care it needs to thrive?
It’s really a team effort. Everyone has a part to play in every stage of the plant’s growth,

from nurturing the “mother” plant, to cloning, to flower, and finally, to harvest. We all give special attention to each and every plant throughout the process, and with our high tech HVAC, rotational gardens and fertigation systems, we are able to give every cultivar exactly what it needs to thrive and be the best it can be.

What challenges/obstacles do you face in the recreational cannabis space?
I think one of the biggest obstacles is education. The consumers need and want correct information. I believe they sometimes receive misinformation and different information from different sources. It’s important that the industry as a whole gives correct information to budtenders and consumers.

What do you wish consumers knew about where their cannabis comes from?
I wish they knew how much work has to go into every facility to produce a product that is ready for market. We (as an industry) operate under strict regulations from Health Canada, all designed to produce safe product for the consumer. It’s not as simple as just watering plants! It’s a tough industry sometimes, but we like challenges. :)

What exciting things can consumers expect from Oakum in 2021? When can we get our hands on products?
You can expect to see our top-of-the-line GCG premium flower hit the BC and Saskatchewan stores in August. We will be offering our beautiful GCG in two formats: 

DISCOVER®  4 x 0.5 g Pre-rolls at 25.3% THC (in tube-shaped papers), and SMOAKUM ® 3.5 g Premium Milled at 25.3% THC. Both products are packaged in reusable, recyclable tins.