A perfect foray

A perfect foray

Admin KiaroAug 11, '21

At Kiaro, we take immense pleasure and pride in introducing new and inexperienced customers to the world of cannabis. We’d be hard pressed to do that without help from great brands like Foray. 

Foray aims to make everyday cannabis accessible for those who are new or inexperienced to the plant. Their innovative line of products include vapes, as well as a collection of edibles like creamy chocolates, juicy gummies and smooth caramels. Foray has the journey under control, all customers need is a sense of adventure and curiosity. 

“While so many brands are chasing legay and heavy-category users, Foray is focused on the novice consumer—those who are still finding their way into the category,” said Brad Canario, Auxly’s Senior Director of Marketing. “Foray is an accessible entry point into the category, with approachable formats and potencies, at approachable prices.”

The brand sets out—and continues to innovate—to develop products that new and inexperienced consumers will find familiar, yet interesting, Canario continued.

All Foray cannabis products are created using high-quality ingredients and precision hardware. The results speak for themselves: Foray products are known for maximum flavour and great taste. Canario said this is particularly true of their edibles, which use natural, traceable ingredients, as well as high-quality cannabis distillate. The perfect easy, everyday cannabis for newcomers. 

“Foray is an approachable brand, without overly complicated language, which makes it easy for anyone to understand and navigate cannabis, regardless of where they are on their cannabis journey,” said Canario. “Novice consumers have a lot of questions and our brand is committed to educating people so they can make informed decisions.”

Customers can stay tuned for a few surprises coming their way, including a Strawberry Milkshake White Chocolate edible that is slated for a summer release. 

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