48North: A product for every moment

48North: A product for every moment

Admin KiaroApr 27, '21

With their two state-of-the-art indoor grow and extraction facilities, Ontario’s 48North has dedicated itself to the practise of cultivating consistent cannabis. But more than that, the licensed producer prides itself on producing top-shelf products, prioritizing low-cost and sustainable cultivation, and building progressive brands. 

Ultimately, 48North does more than just grow cannabis—although their cannabis is *chef’s kiss*—they are committed to leaving their mark on the industry as a whole. They use their unique combination of forward-thinking entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy for the plant to create cannabis products that are consistent and of the highest quality. Customers get the best 48North has to offer, whether they’re looking for small batch cannabis, or expertly processed concentrates. 

Under the 48North umbrella, you’ll find cannabis brands to suit all your moods—and then some. And you can find products from each of these brands here at Kiaro.

48North. Small batch cannabis that is hand trimmed and hang dried, 48North is steeped in sustainability and craftsmanship. The range of strains and products is perfect for a customer’s every whim and mood. 

Latitude. Latitude is a lifestyle cannabis brand that focuses on beauty, energy and sexual wellness. Cannabis extracts are infused with botanicals and essential oils in an effort to elevate your experience to a higher level. We can’t say enough good things about their bath salts and intimacy oil. 

Trail Mix. Cannabis inspired by the outdoors. These products are harvested from plants that have been grown under the sun and watered by the rain. Whether you’re looking for an uplift or a low-energy moment, the single strain brand can do both. 

Apothecanna. Through their partnership with U.S. brand Apothecanna, 48North expanded their portfolio to include high-quality, all-natural cannabis products. These topicals are full of good-for-you ingredients that nourish your skin while providing the perfect 1:1 balance of THC and CBD. 

Right?! There’s a reason we keep 48North brands on our shelves, because these high quality products add a little something extra to the cannabis experience. Whatever your mood, 48North has it covered. 

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